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Tracy and I went for a drink near Chichester, and we muchacarne went to the bar in the big city, it was a Tuesday, it was very sexy, and we decided to take a shit on the way home, dressed in a parking lot. She had to drink a little better and was quite drunk, was a group of young people in the bar, and took it particularly remarkable. He was 20 years old, dark, very black hair looking, muscular and athletic, and about 5'11 in height, and looked very good to her. We have moved a few times and enjoyed it. Tracy is 35 and very sexy size 10 with short blond hair and firm breasts. I wonder if she believed him and told me that she did. So if I get to the next drink, that he was asking if he would like to join us as Tracy believed him, and he could be a promise. When I had friends of another pub, he said that it seemed to us that was a little embarrassed by it, but soon he was sitting next to him and spoke to her, now stroking her muchacarne leg and told him how sexy she was almost INVIKissing possible, I went to the bathroom and when I returned, he had and had his hand under her skirt, she suggested I would like to get back to us and he agreed. They went into the back muchacarne seat, and before leaving the muchacarne parking lot, which was the tits out muchacarne and was French kissing. She had her hand on his penis through his pants. As I drove, I could moan here and when I see an opportunity that had his head between her legs and licked her shaved pussy was on the verge of Cuming and when they did was load the next time I looked had his cock and gave a very deep blowjob, giving head best sThe south and loves to swallow n young people, and not last too long, it seemed muchacarne that there was a big cock that she loves. When he got home and how children were staying with friends, oursleves the house, took him as I have a little wine, and the camera. At that time I was half black corresponded upsatirs and the Basque Countryand nothing else, her breasts and nipples very hard and stood naked and licked her again, took some pictures, and took off his clothes and began to a've shook, I called again and started sucking me , after a while they got up and had a very hard cock ready to fuck muchacarne big, measuring over 10 ' and very thick. came with a drawer and began to get hard, I was back and Wacher this young fuck my bitch stud of a woman asking him to fuck faster and faster and harder, I had to tell him what had for a tight pussy and needed a good fuck a real man, he was bigger than me and had to say yes, and that he was a devil best, and he loved his cock, he said I was a fool and wanted to scream for him to do. The devil took over centuries, she turned to shoot a dog caught her hair and slapped her ass cheeks hard, what you like and slid two, then three fingersthe ass hole. He tensed and came on her, she insists that the pill, but ususally in condomns but not with him when he retired he muchacarne went over and licked the juices from her and I just took it was very wet and juicy and came qquickly is once again ready and set up a while before doiggyed again and muchacarne this time took the ass and make it fit to when he entered it. Damn this took half an hour before arrival. She told me I was riding my cock in her pussy and she did, she straddled his face and sucked deeply caught him, then he is turned away and still riding my cock, which leaned forward and entered her ass again, which had filled the two holes at the same time and love it, it was running and running. After that, I was about 11 werested 30 Clock muchacarne and said they are to spend the night with her in his cattle, and I agreed, and like me, who was entering her pussy left again, and I AFurther heard the door damn time I wasDream. In the morning, about 30 were 18th clock back, and muchacarne she went and asked his shit, and he to tell acer how good it was and wanted to be her lover. All dressed and had breakfast at 8 o'clock and declared himself ready to work before meeting with him again next Saturday, we met at a local hotel and had a threesome and I left them together, returned with him to the 14 : 00 the next day. He took great pleasure telling me what a bitch she was, and has in it what he wanted, and that wwas the intention of seeing them regularly, if it was okay and I said, as long as they told me what they did was right. That was four weeks ago, and have seen once a week every week since then. I'm loving the fact that she has a handsome toyboy and hear what they learn. I love being a bitch, like my wife.
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